At Hammond Law Firm , our team of attorneys have over 30 years experience handling

homeowner’s insurance and commercial property insurance claims. We handled hundreds of

homeowners insurance,  commercial property, business interruption and bad faith claims

against insurers after Hurricane Katrina, including complex, multi-property commercial 

cases. We also represented insurance companies on these types of claims in the past. Having

handled both sides of these claims we are extremely knowledgeable about the obligations and

duties of  insurance companies to pay these types of claims and how to get the insurers to pay

 what they owe.




  • Homeowners Property Damage claims

  • Additional Living expenses 

  • Commercial Property Damage claims

  • Business Interruption and Extra Expense

  • Bad Faith Claims against Insurers who fail to properly pay claims

  • Insurance agent malpractice, errors and omissions


Time is of the essence in most of these hurricane claims. People are homeless and businesses

doors are shut. So its important to get an attorney who knows how to get you through the claims

process as quickly as possible so that you can get make a full and speedy recovery. We excel at

getting claims through the process as quickly as possible while still getting you fully paid.

In the event the insurer won’t pay what is owed, we will file suit to make them. When insurers

don’t pay what is owed and do it timely, we can pursue penalties and attorney fees to make them

pay for the delay and lowballing that required an attorney to file suit.


By Peirce Hammond