Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruise ship accidents and illnesses occur more often than people may think and thousands of passengers are injured on cruise ships every year. Seeking compensation from a cruise liner can be a daunting experience and often requires an experienced lawyer with a comprehensive understanding of the law to litigate a cruise ship injury case effectively. Injuries and deaths at sea are often governed by special federal maritime and international laws which differ from local laws. The statute of limitations, which is the window of time you have to bring your injury case against the cruise liner to court, may be shorter than in other cases — sometimes as little as six months after the event. The attorneys at Hammond Law Firm, LLC have years of experience in cases involving maritime and admiralty law to fight to enforce your legal rights.

Cruise Ship Accidents in New Orleans, LA

Cruise ship accidents are more likely than many people think and as the cruise ship industry grows so does the number of accidents reported. Between 1990 and 2011 there have been an estimated 79 fires on board cruise ships, and since 2006 the number of on board fires has doubled to about 7–8 per year. Cruise ships can lose power which may lead to plumbing issues and an unsafe food handling conditions. Unsanitary conditions can cause outbreaks of devastating illnesses and overflowing sewage may also cause property damage.  Loss of power on a cruise ship may also create an environment where passengers are especially susceptible to personal injury. Other causes of personal injury on board cruise ships include food poisoning, slip and fall accidents, and assaults by staff or other passengers.

Accidents on cruise ship can be difficult to litigate because they are governed by a complex area of the law. The relevant rules come from Admiralty and Maritime Law which means that you’ll need an experienced admiralty attorney like Pierce Hammond and Hammond Law Firm to handle your injury aboard a ship.

Some advice to keep in mind if you have been injured or fallen ill on a cruise ship includes:

  • Take photos or a video of the scene of the accident to document the conditions that may have led to the personal injury, illness, or property damage.
  • Record the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident. Try to obtain written statements from the witnesses as well.
  • Immediately seek medical attention in the ship infirmary and document any treatments provided.
  • Send written notice of your intent to file a claim against the cruise liner.

The cruise ship liner may attempt to defend its case on the basis of “a lack of reported incident,” therefore making sure to report the accident after it occurs is of paramount importance to the success of your personal injury case.

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If you have suffered a personal injury or property damage on a cruise ship, seeking an experienced lawyer who is well acquainted with Admiralty and Maritime Law is vital to increase the likelihood of your claim’s success. Hammond Law Firm, LLC is experienced in Admiralty and Maritime Law with offices in the New Orleans, LA area. Contact our offices to schedule your free case review and consultation today.

By Peirce Hammond